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A Political Statement

Joaquin Phoenix is using the 2020 awards cycle to make some political statements, even through his use of fashion. Designer Stella McCartney announced on Twitter that Phoenix will be wearing the same tuxedo for every event in order to reduce waste.

"This man is a winner… wearing custom Stella because he chooses to make choices for the future of the planet. He has also chosen to wear this same Tux for the entire award season to reduce waste. I am proud to join forces with you... x Stella"

His Golden Globes Speech

This isn't his only political statement of the season. While his acceptance speech for Best Actor for Joker was odd and rambling, he did have a point: we have to do better.

"Contrary to popular belief, I don't want to rock the boat, but the boat is f-cking rocked. It's really nice that so many people have come up and sent their well wishes to Australia, but we have to do more than that, right? … It's great to vote, but sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves and make changes and sacrifices in our own lives and hope that we can do that. We don't have to take private jets to Palm Springs for the awards sometimes or back, please."

Talking About Plant Based Diets

While Phoenix snapped at reporters and was rude in the press room, he did say some interesting things about developing a plant based diet after the Globes meal was meat-free (just don't ask him about his Joker method again).

"I think we’re coming to a point now where the evidence is irrefutable and undeniable. I think it’s somewhat where we realized how poisonous tobacco was, and secondhand smoking. They made it illegal to smoke in public places. I think now consuming animal products is no longer just a personal choice. It is having a drastic and vast consequence on the rest of the world and all of us, and so I think it was incredibly brave and compassionate of HFPA to make that bold decision. I really commend them for that. I’ve never been so proud to attend an awards ceremony as I am tonight, and thank you so much for asking that question."

Is This An Empty Gesture?

While these sentiments may be well meant, the response is decidedly mixed, with many responding to the small gesture with sarcasm. Is the move empty and out of touch? Megyn Kelly seems to think so, tweeting:

"Well said @JaniceDean. How out of touch are these ppl?? Oh the sacrifice! Just ONE tuxedo! Spare us."

However, one could argue that Phoenix is leading by example, encouraging others to eschew fast fashion. If all of these men can idolize the Joker, maybe they can follow Phoenix's lead and work on reducing their own waste.

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