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A Major Win

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Joaquin Phoenix took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama for Joker, but don't ask him about it. After his win, Phoenix claimed that he was "tricked" into entering the press room and he was annoyed at the journalists for asking him questions. When asked about his process for transforming into the Joker, Phoenix snapped:

"Isn’t this old news? I think I’ve talked about this for six months. I mean, right? I feel like I answered these questions. You want to hear a different version of it? I can try to change it slightly, or what should I do? … It was a long process, and there’s so many things that I just can’t remember right now. But I feel like I already answered this question six months ago, but thanks for still asking."

He Was "Tricked"

When asked about a potential Joker sequel, he got similarly cagey.

"What do you mean? [about the possibility of a sequel] Why? I don’t care who is saying that. That’s awesome and I love whoever says it. I don’t think that I’ve ever done too many predictable things. So if that came up, it’s not because we’re following some rule book, it’s because we feel inspired again to explore the character more thoroughly. That would be the only reason for me to do it. So that’s all I can say about that."

He Preferred Talking About Veganism

Giphy | Golden Globes

However, Phoenix got a bit more animated and agreeable when asked about the decision to only offer a plant based meal at the Globes. Phoenix, who is a long time vegan, was thrilled.

"It’s the first time I’ve ever eaten the food at this ceremony. I thought it was excellent. I was so moved by their decision to make tonight plant-based. It was such an important step. The SAG Awards and Critics Choice Awards and Governor’s Ball, whatever else there is, need to do it as well."

Serious About Climate Change

Gettyimages | FREDERIC J. BROWN

Phoenix continued, going deeper into climate change and the importance of plant based eating.

"I think we’re coming to a point now where the evidence is irrefutable and undeniable. I think it’s somewhat where we realized how poisonous tobacco was, and secondhand smoking. They made it illegal to smoke in public places. I think now consuming animal products is no longer just a personal choice. It is having a drastic and vast consequence on the rest of the world and all of us, and so I think it was incredibly brave and compassionate of HFPA to make that bold decision. I really commend them for that. I’ve never been so proud to attend an awards ceremony as I am tonight, and thank you so much for asking that question."

So, if you want an interview to go well, ask Phoenix about veganism, not his process.

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