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1. Going Against The Family Rules

While the Duggar family is against celebrating Halloween on religious grounds, one of their children seems to have found a loophole.

Jill Duggar posted a picture of her husband Derick Dillard and two sons dressed up for Halloween with a caption saying "We had a blast. We enjoyed dressing up this evening and going out for some family fall fun and Halloween freebies & deals!" According to Duggar, the young family hit up Sonic, Chipotle, and Krispy Kreme in their costumes.

2. Fans Were Not Happy

While this all seemed harmless enough, Duggar's Instagram followers flooded her comments criticizing her for celebrating Halloween in any way.

"So why is it ok to dress up for Halloween to get freebies but not ok to trick or treat??"

"Just buy the donuts geeez!"

"Christians don't celebrate Halloween. Why give Satan the honor?"

"God's children we don't celebrate Halloween"

3. Trying Something New?

Duggar did have some followers in her corner, though, who defended her choice to let her family dress up and enjoy the holiday.

"They dressed up to get freebies and deals. It’s no different than dressing up as a cow for the free chicken sandwich at Chic-fil-a each year! Stop judging everything these people do and let them live their lives."

"Don't shame a family for trying something new, you have to remember that she grew up without Halloween, she might be slowly dipping her toes in these new experiences. People go at their own pace if you don't like how she does things and how she is Learning things then why are you even following her?"

What do you think? Did Duggar cross a religious line or is this harmless family fun?

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