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Keeping It Real On Instagram

Jessica Simpson has built a reputation for keeping it very real on Instagram, particularly about motherhood and pregnancy. While many celebrities present a glowing and manicured view of motherhood, Simpson shows the less glam parts as well, swollen feet and all.

Her latest post details the realities of having three kids with her husband Eric Johnson. Any parent will tell you that if one kid gets sick, there is a better than not chance that it will snowball to a fully quarantined home.

"It was a challenging 10 days for the family. Lots of puke, scary high fevers, coughing, and a concussion to top it all off. Maxi and Ace are resilient troopers. Now we need some sleep. Eric and I are so relieved they are happy and healthy now."

People Love Her Honesty

Nothing is more relatable than puke talk, and fans flooded her comment section to offer their hopes that everyone is feeling better and to thank her for opening up about a common feeling.

Oh, I hated when my daughter was sick like that. Ughhh

Mom life!!! Rest for all!

Going through it all three of my babies have the flu

Sending healing vibes to all!

Yes life with kids

Been there, it will be better soon!

Sure, Jessica Simpson might be a rich and famous pop star, but it's nice to know that even she has to deal with the gross parts of being a parent.

A Difficult Pregnancy

Simpson recently told People that having three children can be a bit of a challenge.

"Three kids is no joke. It is definitely constant, and the biggest challenge for me is trying to be present when I am pulled in so many directions. They are all in such different phases now. There is a lot of dividing and conquering going on right now at our house."

Simpson had a very difficult pregnancy with Birdie, her third child. She explained on Instagram at the time,

"After a month of sciatica pain, followed by 3 weeks of Bronchitis, I figured since my feet fit in my sneaks today I needed to walk out a lot of anxiety!!"

She's Very Open

Simpson, who is working on a memoir, has also been open about her post-baby weight loss. She has dropped 100 pounds since she gave birth, and she explained to People that it hasn't been easy dealing with her changing body.

"When you’re pregnant, I gain a lot, I mean, a lot. I didn’t expect to gain as much with my third. I thought I’d learned my lesson, but apparently, that’s just the way God made me, very hungry and pregnant.

I don’t think I’ll ever get back to [my skinny jeans]. I save them and say, ‘One day.’ But after having kids, I don’t think that your hips really ever go completely back. Your body changes!"

Relatability is Simpson's brand, and that brand is strong.

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