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1. A Disturbing Report

Gettyimages | Jesse Grant

Actor Jeremy Renner is currently locked in a custody dispute with his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco over their six-year-old daughter, Ava. Pacheco is currently seeking sole custody of their daughter on the grounds that Renner was violent towards her and abused drugs and alcohol in their daughter's presence.

A new report from TMZ reveals court documents that allege some pretty horrific details about Renner's behavior.

2. Violent Allegations

Gettyimages | Albert L. Ortega

According to TMZ, Renner came home under the influence of cocaine and alcohol after a night at the club and told her that he "could not deal with her anymore, and he just wanted her gone." He went as far as to threaten her life and put a gun to his own head before shooting the gun at the ceiling.

One of their nanny's allegedly overheard him say that "it was better that Ava had no parents than to have [Sonni] as a mother."

Pacheco also claims that Renner left cocaine out in the open and within easy reach of Ava.

3. Renner's Response

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

Renner denies these claims, saying that she's bitter over the split and that she wants to make more money off of him. He also claims that she would brag about "bagging an Avenger."

Renner claims that he submitted himself to 3 months of random drug tests to refute her claims and prove that he was sober and that he also hired a mental health specialist to prove that he is a "a sober and capable parent."

Renner's reps released a statement saying,

"The well-being of his daughter Ava has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Jeremy. This is a matter for the court to decide. It's important to note the dramatizations made in Sonni's declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind."

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