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Growing As A Person

It's safe to say that Jennifer Aniston is one of the biggest movie stars around. Decades after her career making turn in Friends, 50-year-old Aniston is still a huge deal, lately due to her acting and producing on The Morning Show. In the latest issue of People, Aniston opened up about what she has learned lately from her new project.

"Being a leader, being someone that people look up to for guidance, you have a lot of people to answer and take care of on many levels. Multi-tasking creatively and as a producer. And personal as well. It’s all very fulfilling to me."

A Family Of Naysayers

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Aniston also admitted that she faced her fair share of people who didn't think she could make it in Hollywood, even some members of her own family.

"By getting honest with myself in terms of my relationship with my family. Speaking my truth to them without fear and therefore my work reflected that. And then Friends came. If there were any naysayers in my family, ‘This will never… you’ll never make a dime.’ Just watch me. Don’t threaten me that way. God knows now I’m going to make a couple of dimes."

She's Made A Few Bucks


It's safe to say that Aniston has made a few bucks over the course of her career. By the final two seasons of Friends, each of the core six actors were making $1 million per episode. And it's not like Aniston has declined in value since then. The Morning Show actress ranked 5th on Forbes' list of Highest Earning Actresses in 2019, raking in $28 million from her acting and her endorsements.

That really is more than a few dimes. Aniston is clearly laughing all the way to the bank and a comfortable spot on the top of the A-list.

She's Ready To Get Back To Work

Aniston isn't content to rest on her laurels, though. She told People that she was ready to get back to work on the next season of The Morning Show.

"Doing it, I mean we were really flying by the seat of our pants. Apple itself was building a streaming service so everyone was like, we’re all in this together and this is exhilarating and terrifying. But at the same time, it was unbelievably rewarding. Just to be that involved. To really take on a subject that could be touchy and obviously taboo—and also necessary during this time that we’re in. I feel like I’ve got wind burn, let’s just say that.

"I’m ready to get back to work on the show. I’m ready to see what 2020 brings me. I’m just so excited for the unknown."

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