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Enduring Friendships

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The show Friends is easily one of the most popular show of all time, and to this day the cast remains very close. A quick scroll through any of their social media shows that they're still hanging out, nearly 30 years after the show began. Even if we never get a proper reunion special (Maybe? Someday?), at least we get to see everyone hanging out from time to time.

But yes, these friendships endure to this day. Jennifer Aniston is even the godmother to Courtney Cox's daughter Coco!

Jennifer Aniston And Courtney Cox Are Especially Close

While all of the Friends are still friends, Aniston and Cox have a special bond as besties. A source told Hollywood Life that these two are still going strong in their friendship to this very day.

"Jen cherishes her friendship with Courteney, they’ve seen each other through so many seasons, so many ups and downs and proven again and again that they can trust each other. They’ve been best friends for almost thirty years, at this point, there’s really no one Jen is closer to."

They're each other's lobster.

The Latest Reunion

The source continued, praising the strength of Aniston and Cox's friendship.

"They always have each other’s backs and Jen has said many times that she doesn’t know what she’d do with out Courteney in her life. During Jen’s toughest times Courteney has always been there, by her side helping her cope. Jen has a lot of friends that she loves dearly, but her bond with Courteney is the deepest, they’re more like sisters than friends, they consider each other family."

Let's not forget the Phoebe of their trio either! Lisa Kudrow is also a part of this wolf pack, and Aniston posted a selfie on her Instagram on Sunday night to show the three of them hanging out.

They'll Be There For You

Aniston skipped the Critics' Choice Awards tonight, opting to hang out with her Friends instead. Not a bad call -- Aniston has been doing the major awards circuit for The Morning Show, but the only award they were up for at this particular show was Billy Crudup for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, so it makes sense for Aniston to sit this one out.

She already had to deal with a wave of speculation about her relationship with her ex Brad Pitt after The Golden Globes, so a night in with the girls sounds like a good idea.

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