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1. A Reboot That Has People Talking

Everyone is talking about all of the cool new stuff coming with the new Disney+ streaming service, and one that has hit millennials in the nostalgia sweet spot is a reboot of Lizzie McGuire. Featuring star Hilary Duff back in the title role, the new and grown up Lizzie McGuire will focus on a 30 year old Lizzie.

2. What The New Series Will Look Like

Gettyimages | Jesse Grant

The new show will focus on a millennial Lizzie trying to make it in fashion in New York City and all of the difficult parts of life that come along with it. Bring on the "crappy" apartments, tough bosses, and adorable outfits!

3. Who Is Returning?

While the full cast hasn't been announced yet (IS LIZZIE WITH GORDO?), Duff posted a picture with her Lizzie McGuire parents and little brother -- Robert Carradine, Hallie Todd, and Jake Thomas -- on Instagram, confirming that the entire fam will be returning for the reboot. Will Matt still torture Lizzie? I think we can count on it.

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