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Ellen DeGeneres Mourns Death of Cat Charlie, Says Pet Gave Her 'So Much Love"

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz
By Sarah Wolstoncroft

Ellen DeGeneres shared sad news on Instagram Friday, telling fans her beloved cat Charlie passed away.

"We had to say goodbye to Charlie today. She was an amazing cat and gave us so much love. One of the hardest decisions to make but so glad we could end her suffering," Ellen wrote in her post.

Her post remembers her furry friend with a picture of the two looking at each other while lounging on the couch and a second shot from behind as they look out to the sky and ocean in the background.

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Ellen rescued Charlie and two other cats.

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Ellen shared with People in 2009 that Charlie was one of three fully-grown cats she rescued, along with George and Chairman. Because she rescued the cats as adults, she explained she is unsure of their ages.

"Charlie has a dog personality where she has to be wherever people are and follow you from room to room," Ellen told People.

Later in the interview, Ellen expressed that she feels pets are "members of a family" and encouraged others to adopt pets that were abandoned and need homes.

However, Charlie was Ellen's "favorite."


In 2017, Ellen did an interview with Good Housekeeping. When asked about her pets, she revealed Charlie was her top choice.

"I have three dogs, Wolf, Augie and Kid and three cats, Charlie, George and Chairman. I would tell you more about them, but like any celebrity parent, I think it's important to keep them out of the press. Do I have a favorite? I couldn't possibly answer that! It's Charlie," Ellen said during the interview.

Ellen also joked that it wasn't her and Portia who let the animals sleep in bed with them, but rather the pets that let the couple sleep with them.

Ellen shared a story about Charlie on her show in season 8.

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Ellen told a funny story about Charlie on season 8 of "The Ellen Show." She started out by explaining to fans that unlike her other cats, Charlie loved to know when she got home.

Realizing that Charlie hadn't heard her come in one day, she hilariously called Charlie over the intercom to let her know that mama was home. Ellen explained to the crowd that the intercom leads to her master bathroom where Charlie loved playing with the loofah.

"I'm not one of those crazy cat ladies, I just like to know, that you know, she wants to be with me and we can have dinner together and watch 'Hoarders,'" Ellen told fans.

Ellen promotes pet adoption on her page.

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Multiple posts on Ellen's Instagram and Twitter account pages are dedicated to animal rescue efforts and pet adoption.

One such post went up in December when Ellen shared multiple photos of adorable rescue dogs.

"I love people who rescue animals. If you can (and you want me to love you), please adopt a shelter pet. @wagmorpets," Ellen wrote in the post.

Fans praised the talk show host for her efforts, writing, "Luv your show and love that you are so involved with helping animals" and "those who rescue animals are the best people ever."

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