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Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone Posts Netflix Involvement and Grandma's Advice Following Fight Loss

Gettyimages | Jeff Bottari
By Sarah Wolstoncroft

Saturday's UFC match between Conor McGregor and Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone was supposed to be a good fight. However, to fans disappointment, the main event ended after just 40 seconds, when McGregor sent Cerrone to the showers with a technical knockout.

While the fight was likely embarrassing for "Cowboy" Cerrone, the UFC welterweight redirected fans' focus with two Instagram posts following his loss.

The first Instagram post shows off a picture of his grandma and explains to fans what she taught him, while the second teases work he did with Netflix for an upcoming movie starring actor Mark Wahlberg and rapper-turned-actor Post Malone.

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Cerrone said his grandma taught him "how to be a good man."

Giphy | UFC

Following Saturday's fight, Cerrone hopped on Instagram to share a photo of Conor McGregor hugging his grandma following their fight in a sign of respect and good sportsmanship.

"Grandma Cerrone!!! The lady who taught me how to be a Good Man. She told me it's easy to walk Tall in the Day light. Now you need to walk Tall in the moonlight," Cerrone wrote in his caption.

Cerrone fans praised his skills and attitude in the comment section and encouraged him to keep fighting despite the setback. "Man you're someone we can teach kids to be like. Hold your head high. Damn proud of you," one user wrote.

He also showed he's more than a fighter.

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By Monday, Cerrone's sights were set on his accomplishments outside of fighting. Cerrone again visited his Instagram page to drop a trailer from an upcoming Netflix movie, which he worked on alongside actors Mark Wahlberg and Post Malone.

"Was an absolute Pleasure working with @pberg44 on the @netflix movie #Wonderland. @markwahlberg and @postmalone are both unbelievably cool cats! Looking forward to the release of the movie! @papa_dash and @jjdashnaw brought me in to help coordinate the fight scenes and work stunts," Cerrone wrote in the caption.

IMDB refers to the upcoming March 2020 movie as "Spenser Confidential" and explains the film adapts Robert Parker's novel "Wonderland." The film follows Mark Wahlberg as he plays lead Spencer, an ex-felon recently released from prison who is trying to figure out a murder conspiracy.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor is off enjoying his quick win.

Giphy | UFC

While Cerrone is busy trying to put the focus on anything but those 40 seconds, McGregor is off celebrating his victory.

After the fight, McGregor told The Washington Post, "I made history here tonight. I set another record. I'm the first UFC fighter to secure knockouts in featherweights, lightweight and now welterweight."

To further celebrate his accomplishment, McGregor told Business Insider, "I like this weight division. It's good going up and down, I'm in shape. I'm not there yet, there's work to do to get where I was. I'll party, celebrate. Any of these fools can get it. It does not matter."

Twitter fans aren't letting the "40 second" thing go that easy.

Gettyimages | Steve Marcus

Unfortunately, Cerrone's quick knockout gave Twitter fans too much ammo to just get distracted by his other posts and let it go.

Fans tagged Conor McGregor with various versions of, "@ConorMcgregor finishes in 40 seconds and it's okay but when I do it all the sudden I'm not fair."

Another referenced many sports analysts' claim that "The King is Back" after McGregor made his comeback performance following his years-long absence.

"So when Conor McGregor finishes in 40 seconds 'The King is Back' but when I finish in 40 seconds, 'I ain't shit,'" the tweet read.

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