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Courtney Love Not Backing Down From Battle With Wife of OxyContin Heir Over $100,000 Fashion Show Offer

By Ryan Naumann

Courtney Love is trashing Joss Sackler and accusing her of misrepresenting emails in an attempt to discredit her.

Earlier today, Love said she turned down a $100,000 offer to attend Joss’ fashion show. She claimed Sackler’s team personally invited her to the launch of her line, LBV. The rocker claims Joss’ team offered her $100k to attend, hair and makeup services and a custom-made dress from LDV.

Joss Sackler is married to David Sackler, whose family owns Purdue Pharma. The company is responsible for making OxyContin, which is accused of playing a large role in the opioid epidemic. Love is outspoken about her years of drug problems, but has been sober for some time.

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Page Six broke the story and obtained emails sent from Joss’s team to Love. They read, “Elizabeth Kennedy (LBV creative director) and Joss are huge fans of Courtney…She best embodies the women they are dressing…strong and undeterred.” Adding, “The brand has no relation to Purdue….other than Joss is married to the family.”

Love told Page Six, “I am one of the most famous reformed junkies on the planet – my husband died on heroin – What is it about me that says to Joss Sackler, ’I will sell out to you?’ Well I won’t.”

She continued, “I never would take their money — Joss is delusional, talking about her fashion line and private members club, their ‘philanthropical arm’. What about instead giving money to rehab facilities, paying for Narcan (a medication that counters opioid overdoses) or creating a non-addictive painkiller?"

The Blast

Sackler took to social media following Love publicly talking about turning down the $100,000 offer. She posted cut off screenshots of emails between her team and Love’s publicist.

In the emails posted, Sackler attempts to make it appear that Love turned down the offer because she wanted more money.

One of the emails from Love’s rep reads,” It would need to be 275k minimum.” The emails also back up Love’s claim she didn’t want to be associated with Sackler or her family.

The Blast

The rock star claims she asked for the $250,000 for charity. Love added, “I asked for a stupid a-- amount - 250,000$ to donate to charities , like musiccares, , if you want to show receipts I have them. Also? There’s confidentiality clauses on the one you just published but hey, you break the law every day that your family MURDERS 200 Americans . Also? I thought some old relative was the cause of the opioid crises not you , or your husband, and then? I looked into it. Got Nothing to hide you bitch . Your . People. Killed. My. People. Idiot. Missing the entire point. Come for me Sackler . With your PhD. I got no education. I ate gravel and frozen cockroaches for dessert, I was a junkie by the age of 12 and I’ll be dammed I beat your fu--ing drug for now.. coz I’m stupid and tough . Come on.”

She then commented to Sackler, “Take some responsibility for the misery that your family enacts EVERY F--KING HOUR. That.. that.. THAT .. would be major. I’m not a nice person. Someone else is. Let someone else discuss that with you . Don’t patronize me .. semantics are my bag.. not linguistics. outta my depth .. gonna go mourn for ALL MY DEAD FRIENDS NOW.”

Sackler has yet to respond.

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