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1. A Treasure Trove Of Photos

One of the most popular reasons for having an Instagram account is following your favorite celebrities and getting a peak behind the curtain into their (well-curated) lives. One of the best examples of this is Courtney Cox.

Honestly, Cox is absolutely hilarious on social media, and is much more transparent about her life than a lot of other celebs. Her Instagram account is an absolute must follow for Friends fans, because she frequently posts pictures with her beloved co-stars, especially Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow.

2. The Cast Is Still Close

People are still obsessed with Friends (just ask Netflix), and it seems like the Friends cast is still obsessed with each other. I guess if you're on a show together for a decade you'll either end up besties or enemies, and this crew definitely falls into the more positive category.

Cox posted a photo of herself hanging out with Aniston and Kudrow on her birthday, proving that smelly cats and bad trifle comes and goes but friendship is forever.

3. How You Doin'?

However, it's not just ladies getting in on the reunion action. Cox posted a picture of herself, Aniston and Matt LeBlanc hanging out over the weekend, and fans just about lost their minds. The post has almost 2 million likes so far and over 50K comments, so I guess your friends really will be there for you. Something tells me that if Cox posts a picture with Matthew Perry, the Chandler to her Monica, the internet would full implode.

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