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Christina Milian's Sister Liz Files Restraining Order Against Soccer Star Husband, Fears He Will Hurt Her

By Ryan Naumann

Christina Milian’s sister Liz is pleading with the court to protect her family from her estranged husband’s “irrational” behavior.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Elizabeth “Liz” Milian aka Liz Flores filed for a restraining order against her soccer star husband Dominique Jean-Zéphirin.

The two share a 3-year-old son Layvin who she also wants protected with the court order. In the petition, Liz is pleading with the court to order Dominique stay 50 yards away from her, her home and workplace. If granted, he will not be allowed to harass, attack, assault, follow or contact her in any manner.

Liz accuses her husband of abuse and says the most recent incident went down on May 30th, 2020 in front of her mother. She says a couple of weeks before she asked for a separation. Despite them being apart, she claims he showed up to her home without permission. He “approached me screaming that he wanted our son.” Liz refused to let him enter the home because “his tone was elevated and irrational”


She claims he “began to say that he was going to kill someone or go to jail that day. Then he ran past me to my mother with his fist clenched and yelled directly into her face in leaning over her. Threatening he was “going to jail” at the top of his lungs.”

Liz says she feared for her mother’s safety and eventually was able to remove him. Later, she claims he hacked into her Instagram and posted videos from their private surveillance camera. She called 911 but they were unable to respond due to the current riots keeping the lines tied.”


She detailed another incident on March 3 writing, “While traveling to the park with our son, Dominique sparked a conversation he didn’t like. He told me to “go die” and I responded by picking up my phone to call him out on this. He decided to grab my phone and crack it, rendering me without a viable telephone. I managed to get him out of the car and drive away to my mother's house. I was afraid of escalation of violence and his temper and the safety of myself and our 3-year-old son.”

She wants the court to order her husband to vacate their home in Woodland Hills. Liz says the property is owned by her mother and family. Liz wants custody of their kid until a future court hearing. In the petition, Liz wants Dominique to have to complete a 52-week batter intervention program.

The court granted the temporary restraining order and a hearing will be held later this month on whether to extend it. Dominique is a former Haitian French soccer player. Liz appeared on her sister’s E! reality show, “Christina Milian Turned Up.”

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