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Did Buckingham Palace Just Shade Meghan Markle and Prince Harry By Implying They Divorced?

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By Sarah Wolstoncroft

Buckingham Palace had some explaining to do after inadvertently shading Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the statement they released Saturday.

While the statement was intended to explain how the couple will lose their titles of "His and Her Royal Highness" following their part from royal duties, critics quickly pointed out the controversy in their new titles.

Sky News explained Harry would now be referred to as Harry, Duke of Sussex while Meghan would be called Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

So what's the problem? By British convention, the couple should be referred to as the "Duke and Duchess of Sussex" jointly and separating their titles now implies the couple is divorced.

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It all comes down to comma placement.

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While one comma may seem insignificant, historically royal women who split from their husbands have adopted the separated title.

When Princess Diana divorced Prince Charles in 1996, she went from being known under their joint identifier to just Diana, Princess of Wales. Likewise, Prince Andrew's ex-wife now goes by Sarah, Duchess of York.

However, it's unlikely that true trouble is brewing in paradise between the couple. While their new titles may imply divorce, the couple's upcoming plans suggest they are far from calling it quits.

Buckingham Palace acknowledged the confusion and are reviewing their titles.

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Fortunately for fans of the couple, Buckingham Palace confirmed the mix-up in title changes was unintentional, telling Sky News the couple's titles are back under review.

Critics are expecting The Palace to deliver an official statement on the matter sometime later this week. Most likely, the couple will go back to their titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, without the commas and separation.

However, online social media users still couldn't help but speculate The Queen may have purposely included the slide at Meghan's relationship with her grandson.

While the British monarch is keeping things politically correct in her recent statements, she was far from supportive when the couple announced their move.

Many Twitter critics think the couple will eventually divorce.

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Over the last month, Meghan Markle has been accused of separating Prince Harry from his family and royal duties and manipulating their relationship to favor her public image.

And while Buckingham Palace is calling the title mix-up a mistake, many fans think The Queen is accurately predicting an upcoming split between the two.

"I am happy that Meghan Markle left the royal family. And I can't wait to see what happens after she divorces Prince Harry. Let's be real, I give them 3 years. #MeghanandHarry," one Markle fan tweeted.

The consensus online is that Meghan Markle is only with Harry for the prestige.

Giphy | BBC

The popular theory on Twitter is that Meghan Markle only entered her relationship with Prince Harry to boost her prestige and career opportunities.

Now that The Queen took away the couple's "His and Her Royal Highness" titles, many fans think Meghan will soon jump ship. However, one fan pointed out the latest comma debacle brings up another key point: even if the couple divorces, Meghan now knows she will maintain a royal title.

"So Meghan can divorce Harry and she'll still be known as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Sweet deal! Great title to have when making a pitch for roles with movie executives," the user tweeted.

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