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1. Demi Moore's Memoir Is A Massive Hit

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Demi Moore's new memoir Inside Out is making a splash follow its release, hitting the top of bestsellers list and dominating the celebrity gossip cycle with its revelations about the beloved actress's life and relationships.

2. Ashton Kutcher Does Not Come Off Well

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Her second husband, actor Ashton Kutcher does not come off particularly well in the book. Moore details how he pressured her into threesomes, blamed her for his infidelity, and constantly made her feel insecure in their relationship. Moore was so stressed during their relationship that she even had a miscarriage that sent her spiraling into extreme drug and alcohol use.

In the wake of this news becoming public domain, Kutcher tweeted out a "snarky tweet" and even caught some heat after using the momentum to promote his new start up, Community.

3. A New Line Of Defense

Kutcher decided to take a new line of defense against the gossip: take his family to Disneyland. On Instagram, Kutcher posted a selfie with Kunis with the caption:

"Magical weekend @disneyland An imagination tinderbox. That Walt guy had a vision."

Presenting himself as a reformed family man now is one way to preserve his public image, and cute pics of your new family are a pretty effective way to drive that home.

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