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1. A Scary Diagnosis

Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

Beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek revealed back in March that he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He explained that he felt "deep, deep sadness" while battling his condition, but he assured his fans that he was "going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working."

2. "Almost In Remission"

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller

The next few months were full of ups and downs for Trebek, who revealed to People that his cancer was in "near remission" in May.

"It’s kind of mind-boggling. The doctors said they hadn’t seen this kind of positive result in their memory… some of the tumors have already shrunk by more than 50 percent."

However, in September, Trebek explained that he had to undergo additional chemotherapy and that he wasn't regaining his strength like he had hoped.

"In terms of getting my strength back, that hasn't happened, unfortunately. I was doing so well, and my numbers went down to the equivalent of a normal human being who does not have pancreatic cancer, so we were all very optimistic. And they said good, we're gonna stop chemo, we'll start immunotherapy."

4. Join Him In The Fight

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller

He explains the symptoms and encourages people to pay attention to the signs.

"I wished I had known sooner that the persistent stomach pain I experienced prior to my diagnosis was a symptom of pancreatic cancer. Other common symptoms can include mid-back pain, unexplained weight loss, new onset diabetes and the yellowing of the skin or eyes."

Ultimately, he wants people to work together towards better health.

"Together, we can get it done."

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