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A Beautiful Moment

On November 11th's episode of Jeopardy!, contestant Dhruv Gaur didn't know the answer, so he chose to give his moment to honor host Alex Trebek and wrote "What Is We Love You Alex." Trebek, who is battling pancreatic cancer, was clearly deeply moved by the gesture, getting visibly choked up on camera. The clip went viral on Twitter, with Jeopardy! fans causing #WeLoveYouAlex to trend.

A Spoiler Alert

Gettyimages | Santiago Felipe

Gaur broke down the viral moments on Twitter, opening up about the #WeLoveYouAlex hashtag and how much he respects the legendary host.

"Sorry for west coast spoilers, but I’m really glad I got the opportunity to say to Alex what everybody at the tournament was thinking … or context, Alex had just shared with us that he was reentering treatment for pancreatic cancer. We were all hurting for him so badly. When Final Jeopardy came up, I could’ve tried to puzzle it together, but really, just kept thinking about Alex, and thought he should know. I’m just very grateful I got the opportunity to say what I know everyone was thinking. Sending all the love. #weloveyoualex"

Not The First Tribute From A Contestant

Jeopardy! contestants have been going above and beyond to support Trebek through this difficult time. Teen Jeopardy! contestant Avi Gupta donated $10k of his earnings to cancer research, and winner James Holzhauer also donated $1,109.14 to the 2019 Naperville Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk "for Alex Trebek and all the other survivors."

Not only that, but the competitors in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions contestants are organizing a charity play along to help raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer research.

"As you can see in today’s episode and in promos from the past few weeks, we’re all wearing purple ribbons while we compete in the Tournament of Champions. We’re doing this to recognize Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, to support Alex in his fight against pancreatic cancer, and to remember Larry Martin, Jeopardy’s 2018 Tournament champion who was sadly lost to pancreatic cancer this year."

He's Not Giving Up

Gettyimages | Presley Ann

Trebek has been open about his struggles as he's undergone his treatment, explaining:

"Normally the prognosis for this is not very encouraging. But I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working. As long as I can walk out and greet the audience and the contestants and run the game, I’m happy."

What is "We're rooting for you, Alex?"

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