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1. A Social Media Meltdown

Former pop star Aaron Carter has been having a very public meltdown on social media lately, making claims about his family and potential sexual abuse. He's also been abusing drugs, gotten a face tattoo, and moved to Canada.

The latest drama? Carter claimed in his Instagram stories that he has a 12-year-old son that he's never met.

2. The Latest Drama

According to Carter, he hooked up with former pageant queen Hayley Eisenhardt, she got pregnant, and then refused to let him have contact with the child. He revealed this information on Instagram while claiming that people don't really know him.

"Did you know I have a 12-year-old son? Bet you didn't know that. That's because you know nothing about me. How would you? You guys seem to know everything... You should know!"

3. She Is Over The Drama

Carter continued talking about the alleged situation on Twitter, tweeting out "Ask Hayley Eisenhardt. She’s never let me meet him. Where is my son? Hayley I think you should respond now. Miss teen Michigan... I would like to meet my son."

Eisenhardt, who has moved to Amsterdam but doesn't appear to have a secret son, tweeted out an extremely applicable gif to the whole situation.

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