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'90 Day Fiancé' Star Usman Is Worried Cops Will Shoot Him If He Comes To America

By Whitney Vasquez

“90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days” star Usman says he's afraid that if he comes to America, his estranged wife Baby Girl Lisa will call the cops and they will shoot him. In an explosive interview, the TLC star spoke out about police violence and how it is interpreted in Nigeria, West Africa where he's from. Talking to Domenick Nati on "The Domenick Nati Show," Usman said that one of the reasons he isn't in America is because he's worried about the police.

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Expressing His Concern:


Explaining there are issues in his marriage, including Lisa's uncontrollable temper and their endless fights, Usman told Nati he's scared she'll pop off and call the cops on him. When asked if it concerns him how frequently their arguments go down, Usman responded, "It worries me so much. We see on social media journalists on the TV station" and how much cops "enjoy shooting any black man." Bringing it back to his relationship with Lisa, he added, "I'm with a white lady."

He's Scared She'll Call The Cops:


"She is the reason why I go to the United States. We fight almost every day. What's going to happen to me?" he asked. Saying that when Lisa gets angry, she gets reckless, Usman added, "To be with her in the house and something happens and she mistakenly or out of anger, because if she's angry she says anything, she calls the cops and I go to prison for no reason."

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Usman Tells All:


That wasn't the only thing Usman dropped about his broken marriage to Lisa. He also shot down speculation that he was using Lisa for her money. "90 Day Fiancé" fans were convinced he was scamming the 52-year-old Pennsylvania native throughout the season, but the couple ended up tying the knot despite both families not being completely on board with their union. Taking one last hit at his estranged wife, Usman told Nati that she's simply too poor for him to scam.

Lisa's 'Too Poor' To Scam:


While he refused to answer questions on whether Lisa has sent him money in the past, Usman told Nati that Lisa only makes $1,000 a week in America. He pointed out that the amount is not enough money for anything but paying her monthly bills. Prior to their breakup, Lisa appeared on Nati's show where she revealed that they were going to try for children. She also dropped a bombshell by stating that if she couldn't get pregnant, she'd allow him to have a child with a "second wife."

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