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'90 Day Fiancé' Season 7 Cast Draws Mixed Reviews From Fans

By Whitney Vasquez

TLC introduced the world to the '90 Day Fiancé' season 7 cast, but fans gave the group mixed reviews on social media. The long-distance cast made their debut on Sunday and to no surprise, fans of the show had a lot to say about this season's new couples. There were already favorites declared and some that fans dubbed doomed. This season spotlights 7 hopeful couples who are looking to take their relationships to the next level by saying "I do." The new couples include Tania and Syngin, Natalie and Michael, Robert and Anny, Blake and Jasmine, Michael and Juliana, Anna and Mursel, and Emily and Sasha.

Meet The Cast!


Tania and Syngin were labeled a strong pair in the first episode. Fans watched as Tania prepped for her South African suiter's arrival by heading to the sex shop and buying new toys. The Connecticut native's backstory is interesting. She headed overseas to meet another man who she met on the dating app, but when that didn't work she ditched him. Tania went out to a bar and that's when she met Syngin, a bartender at the club. The two hit it off and she ended up staying in South Africa with him for four months. In episode one, Syngin is seen arriving to the States to live with Tania, but he doesn't expect to be living in a shed behind her parents' home. Fans don't seem to be impressed with Tania's controlling ways. "I’m kinda controlling like Tania but she needs to tone it down. A lot," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Tania is incredibly immature. Like, lives in a shed immature," stated another.

Robert and Anny


Robert and Anny are an interesting pair. Robert is a single father who is taking care of his young son. While many of the couples have spent weeks together, his relationship with Anny has been short-lived. In episode one, he revealed he proposed to Anny during the first time they met, which was 8 hours total. Fans were concerned when she appeared agitated after accusing him of not sending her the money he promised. "News flash for Robert. Anny is all about the money. I know this will come as a shock. Sorry ‘bout that," wrote one fan. "Anny keeps sending all of these red alert emojis about not getting money from Robert lol. He’s definitely gonna have trouble with her. It feels like she only wants money from him," said another.

Michael and Juliana


Maybe the most controversial couple is Michael and Juliana. He's a 41-year-old wealthy businessman, she's a 20-year-old Brazilian model. Michael made sure that fans knew she wasn't a prostitute which raised a few red flags. Also worth noting, he has two children and as his son pointed out they are closer to Juliana's age than their father. "Michael, why do you think Juliana wants 2b tied down with young kids at her age? And why on earth do think your children want to be made to endure her?" asked one "90 Day Fiancé" fan. "Michael's son and daughter are so smart and mature for their ages! It was funny when his son said that Juliana is 'one of us' because she is closer to their age than to Michael's," added another.

Anna Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu


Anna Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu are adorable because they're both bee keepers. Mursel is from Turkey and barely speaks any english which made for interesting television when he arrived to the States. But the two will be facing major challenges as his family does not know she's had three children out of wedlock which is not allowed. "Anna and Mursel have 90 days to unpack the fact he doesn’t want his family to know she has 3 kids, they have different religious faiths, have barely spent any time together, AND he barely speaks English.... before getting married. Good luck!" said one fan.

Emily and Sasha


Emily and Sasha will be an exciting couple to watch because they are already on the cusp of parenthood. Emily is currently living with Sasha in Russia. The two met at the gym where he's a personal trainer. Fans are concerned because the two are not only expecting a child, but planning to get married. Emily will be Sasha's third wife and their child will be his third baby. They are planning to move to the US after the baby is born and fans aren't having it. "Emily wanting Sasha to leave his first two kids to move to the US to be with her new kid is selfish AF. His other kids need him too," tweeted someone.

Natalie and Michael


Natalie and Michael already appear to be having issues. Natalie hails from Ukraine and is religious, while Michael isn't. In a preview of this season, producers ask Natalie if she loves Michael and she has no reply. He grows upset and causes a scene by getting up from his chair and threatening to pack up. “That’s a f---ing wrap for me. I’m gonna go back there and pack," he stated before storming off. "WTF is going on? It's too early on for that kind of s---," wrote a fan.

Blake and Jasmin

Jasmin is from Finland and the duo met online. Blake's family and friends are skeptical of their love, especially after it's discovered her sister married and moved to L.A. "Jasmin has to be using Blake. Am i right," stated a fan, while someone else made it clear they weren't so sure. "She seems pretty genuine. People should give her a chance before they go and attack her. Poor thing," wrote another.

"90 Day Fiancé" season 7 airs on TLC every Sunday.

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