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'90 Day Fiancé' Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima & Ex-Boyfriend Make Up After Harassment Claims

By Whitney Vasquez

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and her ex-boyfriend are friends again after an explosive breakup that ended with cops getting involved. The "90 Day Fiancé" star and her former beau, Eric Nichols, have put their differences aside and found a friendship again after apologizing to each other "for the action we’ve taken towards one another in the public eye about our friends family and fans." Nichols surprised fans when he shared the news, along with a photo with Larissa, on his social media on Thursday.

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Putting The Past Behind Them:


Showing a photo of the exes smiling in their car, he informed fans, "I’m posting this to let everyone know that Larissa and I have managed to work things out and remain as friends. We’ve apologized to one another for the action we’ve taken towards one another in the public eye about our friends family and fans." He also apologized to Larissa for the juvenile move of meeting up with her ex-husband, Colt Johnson, and her frienemy, his mom, Debbie. "As of now, we have cleared the air and I want to specifically apologize for meeting with Colt&Debbie and posting photos," he stated. Calling the move "a low blow" and "kid like behavior" on his part, Eric acknowledged he knew meeting up with Debbie and Colt would hurt Larissa.

Apologizes For Colt & Debbie!


"I can’t say exactly what I was thinking in the moment of being invited over to Colt&Debbies, but it has lead me to writing this. I have no hard feeling towards people who have said the things they have said to me or about me. That’s the story of my life," he added. "This has been a true learning experience and I’ve learned that in the event of such situations to make decisions, I’ll rethink my actions before taking them into effect that way I know what sort of impact it will make on those around me."

Larissa Dos Santos Lima announced her breakup with Eric in September after less than a year of dating. At the time, she admitted rushing into things with him following her split from Colt Johnson. "After 8 months of being Erickee’s girlfriend I have to tell my followers that we have decided to break up and go our separate way," she announced. Larissa added that there were "no hard feelings or regrettees," but that soon changed.

Harassment Claims:


Shortly following their breakup, the "90 Day Fiancé" star filed a police report against Eric claiming he was harassing her. Larissa put his behavior on blast telling fans she'd taken action against him and insinuated he moved on to harassing her best friend, Carmen. She shared countless screenshots of conversations between Carmen and Eric where she was pleading him to leave her alone.

"I am not Larissa who is taking your s---," Carmen's message read, "if you harass me online or leak my private conversations with her, I will take you to court. This is a warning!!!" In another screenshot, Carmen told Eric, "Be a f---ing man and move on. You broke up with Larissa every single day, I really don't get where all the pettiness is coming from, you should be happy she finally she finally accept the fact it did not work out."

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