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Something's Not Right


TLC released video Wednesday that teases the new season, and it has fans of the show scratching their heads.

Caesar and Maria, who lives in the Ukraine, are working to meet up in the United States, but something is off with this relationship.

He says over the last five years, they've tried to connect three times.

It's Possible She's Just Having Bad Luck


Caesar continues to try to get Maria to meet him, but it always seems like something gets in the way. Past attempts were foiled when Caesar says the travel agent stole some of Maria's money.

Another time, Maria apparently missed her flight.

And yet another time, her passport was missing information.

Love Knows No Boundaries -- Except Bad Weather


But now, a new reason for the delay seems even more unbelievable.

He asks her whether he should go to Ukraine to meet her, and this time she says: "It's better to do when it's nice weather."

Really? The weather is causing all this delay?

"I just want to see her in real life because that's a part of my life that I'm missing," Caesar says.

Tune in Sunday to find out what happens next.

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