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"90 Day Finance" star Ashley Marston revealed on Thursday that she's been receiving unwanted mail from inmates in prison.

On her Instagram story, Marston wrote, "Can someone explain to me how inmates continuously get my address?!? I don't get it! DM me please this is a serious question."

In her next story post, she shared a photo of a package that came from the prison. The acronym "PCI" is stamped on the package, which could be Pickaway Correctional Institution in Ohio. It would make sense that their mail would funnel through Pittsburgh.

One follower suggested that her ex-Jay Smith, who was in ICE custody last month, is to blame:

"Your ex probably wrote that down in prison. They pass shit like that around. Trade it for other things. At least that's how it was when I worked at Cumberland County."

Another wrote:

"They get contraband cell phones and a simple google search. I've been in corrections 8 years lol."

Martson later confirmed that it's her old address that the mail is coming to, and she now uses a P.O. box.

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