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Randall Emmett's Ex-Wife Enjoys 50 Cent Trashing Lala Kent

By Ryan Naumann

50 Cent scored a new fan after reigniting his feud with “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent.

Over the weekend, 50 Cent trashed Kent and her fiancé Randall Emmett on social media. The three have beefed for some time. It all started over Emmett owing 50 Cent over $1 million dollars (which was eventually paid back). Kent fired back denying accusations of cocaine use.

The feud doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

One of the people who commented on 50’s posts was actress Ambyr Childers. She wrote on the rappers post, “Oh boy…here we go again! I need a glass of wine for this one.” She clearly was enjoying the drama go down.

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Childers is the ex-wife of Emmett and they share two kids together.

Emmett and Childers were married for eight years and their divorce was finalized in 2017.

The 48-year-old movie producer started dating Kent before his divorce was officially finalized, which caused a tad bit of controversy at the time. The two got engaged in September 2018.

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Back in August, Childers roasted Kent on social media for posting her kids on social media.

She wrote to Kent, “Since you don’t want to answer my text messages, I’ll try here. Lala, I appreciate your love towards my children, but until you’re officially their stepmother please refrain from posting my children on social media! I hope understand where I’m coming from. Many thanks.”

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The whole feud was reignited when Kent appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen. She claimed to have receipts that she bruised 50’s ego. The rapper had a response to the reality star quickly.

On social media, 50 accused her of cocaine use writing, “Have a drink, hit da powda, have a drink, hit da powda have a drink hit da powda 4 days straight.”

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac

Kent finally addressed 50 in a social media post, “I feel it’s important for me to say this and I’m only going to address this once...”

She continued, “My sobriety is something I’m proud of and work on everyday. I’ve never done cocaine nor were any other substances, other than alcohol, involved in my decision to get sober. I pride myself on being open and honest about everything in my life, hopefully inspiring others and letting them know they are not alone. The past couple of days I’ve been slammed to say the very least. People have asked me how I’m maintaining keeping my head up… To me it’s simple- I know Real Life from the illusion of social media. I know what It feels like to have your world crumble. Getting a phone call from your brother saying your dad has passed away… that is earth shattering. Being called named and being falsely accused of thing… that is far from earth shattering. My mindset is something I’m grateful for. "

50 Cent already fired back telling Kent, “Good morning drunk face.” He wrote, “Rise in shine puffy face, it’s gym time but I’m sure your having a hangover. 👀welp 🥃 here’s to life buck O. LOL #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac”

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