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50 Cent Posts Shocking Video Allegedly Showing Bodies Being Loaded Into Truck At NY Hospital

Gettyimages | Rich Fury
By Mike Walters

Rapper 50 Cent shared a scary and disturbing video, allegedly captured outside of a NY hospital, of bodies being lined up and then loaded onto a semi-truck.

The 'Power' star posted several videos that have started making the rounds on social media, including one where it appears bodies lined up on gurneys and sitting on the sidewalk. Another showed hospital workers loading the truck.

"Nah i’m not going outside for nothing, i’m cool right here," 50 captioned the first video.

The rapper posted a second clip, saying, "the second load, what the f***, stay in the house."

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See The Shocking Video...


It's unclear at this point if the video is authentic or not, but 50 claims one of the videos was taken outside of a Brooklyn hospital. "This is in Bk new york," he said. "Queens is real bad google how many people died in New York today," he added.

Brooklyn Hospital did not directly respond to the video, but said they are “following protocols established by public health officials,” and are using a refrigerated truck as “an ancillary morgue.”

They continued, “This is needed to accommodate the tragic spike in deaths, placing a strain on the entire system of care — from hospitals to funeral homes. Grieving families cannot quickly make arrangements, and their loved ones who have passed are remaining in hospitals longer, thus the need for this accommodation. We ask our community to be respectful during this time as we remain — more than ever — committed to Keeping Brooklyn Healthy.”

50 Cent Posts A Second Video Allegedly Outside Of NY Hospital


Several viewers of the rapper's post were horrified after seeing the video, saying, 'There’s no shelving? I thought it would look like bunks or something. Just piling them up like a mass grave? This is crazy."

"This is absolutely heartbreaking," another added.

One commenter wrote, "I feel sorry for those family members that lost loved ones they get put in a truck like they a pieces of trash waiting to get burned it's really sad and yet ppl don't seem to get it and stay the f*** in their house where it's safe."

Gettyimages | KENA BETANCUR

Several fans of the rapper were upset at him for sharing a video they believe not to be real. "Fake s***. Don’t let the media get to your mental state of mind it’s suppressing your immune system. You really think they will be in little to no protection loading a person with a deadly virus.. in a white glad trash bag ? Come on dawggg," one person wrote.

"Obviously medical personal doesn’t dress like that while working with virus," another added.

New York has been hit hard by the outbreak of the virus, and the city is even building a mobile hospital inside of central park.

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