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Hip-Hop Website Says Bellator MMA Confirmed 50 Cent Was Lying About Deal

By TheBlast Staff

50 Cent is being accused of lying on social media about a million dollar-deal with Bellator MMA and the hip-hop website the rapper sued says they have the best defense possible: the truth.

As The Blast first reported, is suing 50 and accusing him of tarnishing their reputation by branding them as “fake news” in an Instagram post earlier this year.

The two sides are battling over a story the site did about him claiming to have sold the trademark to “Get the Strap” to Bellator MMA, which the website said was not true, despite his claim he had done a million-dollar deal with the MMA company.

In his response to the suit, 50 Cent claims the website is threatening his freedom of speech with their lawsuit, calling it “an affront to the fundamental protections to free speech by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The rapper said he and Bellator MMA are actually working on a deal and therefore HipHopDX’s story was “fake news.” He demanded their suit be dismissed.

According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, HipHopDX claims 50 Cent’s argument to dismiss their case against him is nonsense, specifically since they got confirmation with Bellator that 50’s claims were lies.

They say “freedom of speech is not served when a celebrity tells disparaging lies about a media company in retaliation for truthful, but unfavorable coverage."

Despite 50’s claim the story they posted about him not having a deal with Bellator was “fake news,” they claim their reporter had indeed checked his facts with several sources and even got the express written confirmation from a Bellator MMA spokesperson, who put it bluntly: “50’s post isn’t true.”

The website says their article was accurate and are adamant 50 did not sell “get the strap” to Bellator MMA.

HipHopDx is demanding their lawsuit accusing 50 Cent of defaming their business continue on.

The case remains ongoing.

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