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5 Amazing Chris Farley Moments We'll Never Forget 20 Years After His Death

By TheBlast Staff

Chris Farley has been gone for 20 years, yet his movies, skits, and characters are still talked about and recanted every single day. The "Tommy Boy" star may have left us physically on December 18, 1997 ... but his comedic legacy will always stay with us.

In honor of the legendary entertainer, we had to go back and remember some of his greatest moments, in no particular order.

  1. Tommy Boy

"Tommy Boy" brought us great lines like "fat guy in a little coat," and one of Farley's most memorable bits about being in sales.

  1. Matt Foley: The Motivational Speaker

If you've never heard of this famous Farley sketch, then there's a good chance you'll end up ... LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!

  1. Chippendales

The famous sketch with Patrick Swayze will go down as one of Saturday Night Live's best, although many friends of Farley have said since his death they felt the sketch was painful for him.

  1. Billy Madison

The angry bus driver was one of the funniest parts in "Billy Madison." "No Yelling on the bus!!!"

  1. Gap Girls

Watching Adam Sandler try to hold himself together when Farley belts out his infamous "Lay off me I'm starving" line is pure gold.

Bonus: Schmitts Gay

I know we said five, but Chris Farley is so amazing that it could hardly be limited. We could keep going, but this classic SNL commercial should never be left off a list.

R.I.P Chris -- we miss you.

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