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'1000 LB Sisters' Try New Technique To Lose Weight -- Dance Workout Video Games!

By Mike Walters

'1000 LB Sisters' Amy and Tammy Slaton are beginning the journey of weight loss and because Tammy hasn't left the house in years her sister came up with a genius way for them to start getting exercise. Dance workout video games!

In the new episode -- Amy, who weighs in at 406 lbs, and Tammy who is at 605 lbs decide to try their hand at the newest craze, a dance workout video game and it is awesome!

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See The Dancing Work Out Video!

Amy's husband Michael gets the game set up and moves all the furniture to get their party started.

"I thought it would be a neat way to move around a bit," Amy tells Tammy. You can tell Tammy is not pumped about the dance idea.

So, in the clip, the three housemates get started grooving to the beat and shaking their moneymakers!

But, Tammy gives up pretty quickly and says, "I can't do this," and she sits back down on the couch. Amy continues the dance session and actually finishes the song. It wasn't a huge home run getting everyone to do it daily, but it seems the sisters on are on a good track to starting the weight loss challenge.

Check Out The Video.....HERE!

Amy's Drastic Weight Loss!


The show follows both Tammy and Amy's progress to a healthy lifestyle including trips to the gym, and changes in their diet.

For the record...their favorite snack is “dressed bananas,” which consists of a banana dipped in Miracle Whip and rolled in chopped peanuts. Yep, we said Miracle Whip.

Both struggle with diabetes and high blood pressure and the issue has become a constant argument amongst the sisters. Tammy is heavier than Amy, so even the smallest tasks involving mobility are an issue. Amy is starting to get frustrated with Tammy not wanting to take the proper steps to get moving.

Making The Front Page...


As we reported, Amy has shared several photographs of herself recently...and it looks like she may be dropping a few lbs!

The new reality stars are pumped about their newfound fame and even shared a copy of their local newspaper where they graced the cover. The girls live in Dixon, Kentucky.

Both sisters have quite the following on YouTube...and of course, their show is airing each with on TLC.

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