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'1000 LB Sisters' PUMPED They Made Their Front Page Of The Local Newspaper!

By Mike Walters

TLC's new reality stars '1000 LB Sisters', Amy and Tammy Slaton, are pumped they made the cover of their local newspaper!

The sisters both posted pictures of the Webster County, Kentucky newspaper 'The Journal-Enterprise' and showed some excitement of making the cover. Obviously, the article is describing the sisters' newfound fame on TLC's new reality show, '1000 LB Sisters.'

"We made the front cover.." Amy tweeted. She included a photo of the newspaper.

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Front Page OF The Newspaper!


In a video, Tammy showed the newspaper and did some commentating, "We made front page!" "That's me...that's Amy," she said.

TLC launched the new reality show, which according to their press release, will follow "Amy and Tammy Slaton, spunky sisters from Kentucky, have candidly shared their lives, weight struggles and larger-than-life personalities with their YouTube fans.

It continues, "Now, tipping the scales at over 1000 pounds combined, TLC will follow The Slaton Sisters through their biggest endeavor yet: losing enough weight to qualify for and undergo life-changing bariatric surgery and pursue their dreams.”

Fans Send Love And Support!


Fans of the show are showing huge love to the sisters on social media. One person tweeted, "I just watched your show for the first time yesterday because I didn't know you had one really good luck in your weight loss fight."

Another added, "I've just caught up with episode 2, you're so funny and sweet. I've really enjoyed seeing a different side of you other than youtube. I wish u nothing but the best. I believe in u, Wishing you both the best!"

Dealing With A Few Haters...


Tammy responded "thank you" to one fan after they sent this message, "I'm trying to lose weight due to depression so I know how challenging it can be. Just wanted to let you know that I'm so proud of you. You really touched my heart in ep2 best of wishes to u. You've got this Tammy."

A few haters have started appearing on the sister's pages saying things like, "Apparently we're living in a world where eating too much gets you into TV shows and newspapers. What an accomplishment... "

The girls promise to block anyone who comes onto their social media pages and spreads hate.

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