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Buzz Aldrin's Lawyer Wants to Drop Him as a Client in Court Battle Against Astronaut's Kids

By TheBlast Staff

Buzz Aldrin's lawyer says he cannot continue to represent the astronaut in the legal battle he brought against his kids, saying they just can’t get along.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Buzz’s lawyer, Steven Selz, is pleading with the court to allow him to drop his client.

Selz explains that "irreconcilable differences have arisen by and between" he and Aldrin and him which make it impossible to continue to "adequately and properly represent the Plaintiff in this matter."

The lawyer says if he drops out of the case, it will not harm Buzz Aldrin in his lawsuit against his kids, claiming a trial date has not been set and the case is in the beginning stages.

The judge has yet to rule on the motion.

Earlier this year, Buzz sued his kids accusing them of misusing his credit cards and transferring money out of his accounts without permission.

Aldrin claims his son Andrew does not tell him about pending or future business transactions, removed large sums of money from his accounts, and continues to represent him in business and social capacities despite his repeated requests to stop.

Aldrin asked a judge to remove Andrew Aldrin as his trustee and strip him of control of his financial affairs, social media accounts, and several nonprofit and business enterprises.

He claims his daughter Janice also used his credit cards without permission. Buzz alleged that Andrew and his former business manager slandered him by claiming he suffers from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Buzz noted his children filed a petition recently claiming he was suffering from memory loss, delusions, paranoia, and confusion.

Buzz’s kids did not answer the allegations in the complaint but rather filed three reports under seal with the court.

They are asking the court to review the records and rely on the reports as evidence in this case. They are asking for Buzz’s lawsuit to be stayed until the outcome of Incapacity Proceedings they filed against their dad.

A hearing has been set for later this month.

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