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Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Says #QuestionsForAProstitute Is NOT Offensive

By TheBlast Staff

Dennis Hof, owner of world-famous brothel The Bunny Ranch, has chimed in with his professional opinion on whether or not Twitter's #QuestionsForAProstitute trending hashtag is offensive.

Hof believes it's a good thing.

In case you haven't logged onto Twitter today, #QuestionsForAProstitute is trending and the tag has sparked a load of controversy. After many used the opportunity to make jokes about hookers, #QuestionsForAProstitute caused online outrage from many, including sex workers, towards Twitter for allowing a "misogynistic" and "degrading" tag to trend.

Hof tells The Blast, "This is NOT offensive. It is healthy and good for people to ask questions about this business ... It helps society, doesn't hurt it."

The brothel owner continued, "We want people to ask questions and be informed about the benefits of this business. The Bunny Ranch employees are powerful, successful women who are business women."

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