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Brothel Worker Transforms Herself into 'Sex Doll' to Cash in on Robot Craze

By TheBlast Staff

A popular porn star knows the future of the sex industry hinges on technology, so she invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to turn herself into a cyborg and keep up with the growing popularity in robot sex dolls.

Porn star, Sybil Stallone, tells The Blast she has undergone numerous plastic surgeries to transform herself into a living sex doll, aptly named, Brunette Barbie.

Stallone claims to have invested over $500,000 in plastic surgeries, including a nose job, cheek, chin and lip fillers, a butt lift, and an impressive breast enhancement to increase her cup size from D to G.

After the upgrades, Stallone says, "I am now literally built for sex," adding, "Sex buyers are constantly looking for a more unique experience. Through my enhancements, I offer my lovers something that transcends human, better than anything you could get with a sex robot or most other women. I’m the best of both worlds – a living sex doll."

Stallone is a legal sex worker at Sheri's Ranch, a brothel located just outside of Las Vegas, and she's hoping her new look will cater to a large swath of horny tech nerds.

Anthropomorphic robot sex dolls have been an increasingly popular subject as researchers and scientists continue to dedicate large amounts of time into improving the technology behind the dolls.

There was even a recent fight in Houston after the city council voted to ban a proposed sex robot brothel from setting up shop in town.

Stallone hopes the robot fetish will continue, and expects to make a ton of cash, especially when the Consumers Electronics Show comes to town.

Sheri's Ranch

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