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Britney Spears' Release from Mental Health Facility Is Imminent

By TheBlast Staff

Britney Spears is about to complete her program at a mental health facility and is expected to be released very soon.

Sources close to the pop star tell The Blast that Spears has not been held against her will, as some fans have theorized, and she has actually left the facility several times since checking in. As everyone knows, she was spotted out on Easter Sunday, but we're told she has also left the facility to attend hair appointments prior to the holiday weekend's excursion.

Even though they have assembled a large grassroots movement, our sources say the people closest to Spears feel the #FreeBritney movement is actually "a disservice" to the singer and her fans need to understand she is at the facility because she wants to be there. We're told several different things led to her recent emotional downfall, but ultimately the decision to seek help was her own.

Her team wants to make it clear that Spears i the one who made the decision to seek treatment, and she decided to stay until she finishes her current treatment program.

Her team says, the last thing anyone close to Spears want is for her to leave the facility before she is ready. Our sources say her release is imminent and she will then transition to continue her work and recovery at home.

According to our sources, a "perfect storm" of events is what led Spears to check into the facility in the first place. Her mental health began to deteriorate as she prepared for the Las Vegas show, coupled with changes to the team of people around her and then her father's major health issues led Spears to realize "she just needed to check out of her life."

A big factor to Spears unraveling how to do with a change in her medications. We're told doctors had to "wean" her off her initial meds, and then build her back up on new ones. We're told the result ended up putting Spears in a weakened state, and she started feeling "very sick" on the new medications.

The "Womanizer" singer addressed some of the ongoing issues Tuesday when she released a video on social media. Along with her video, Spears wrote a lengthy statement claiming circulating emails had been written by her former manager, Sam Lutfi, years ago and should not be attributed to anything she endorses.

As The Blast first reported, Jamie Spears' illness was used at the time as "damage control" to deflect from the real issue of her declining mental health. But, we are told, her team admits it made the situation much worse.

Bottom Line: Britney has been working hard to get herself back to a good place, and with the support of her family and friends should be back on track and out of treatment any day.


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