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Kevin Federline Puts Britney Spears On Notice for More Child Support After Her Recent Success

By TheBlast Staff

Britney Spears and her legal team have received notice that her ex-husband Kevin Federline wants to re-examine their financial arrangements now that she's making a ton of money.

Sources close to the former couple tell The Blast a letter was sent Thursday by famed celebrity attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan on behalf of Federline, explaining that he would like to open the discussions back up regarding how much K-Fed collects from Spears in child support each month.

The two were married from 2004 - 2007, and currently the "Toxic" singer cuts a check for $20,000 to Federline for their two sons Jayden and Sean, which was based on a percentage of her income at the time the deal was hashed out. Back then, Spears was dealing with serious mental health issues, and was not actively working or signing on for new projects.

The Blast

Since her amazing comeback in recent years, Spears has earned a ton of dough, especially with her Las Vegas residency where she banked $475,000 per show. She's reportedly made around $15 million per year from the gig.

Federline's take of child support is based upon how much custody he has with the children, and also how much money Spears earns, which ensures the kids live an equally opulent lifestyle with each parent.

We're told the letter MVK sent didn't specify how much K-Fed is looking for, but the intention was clear that he wants a big increase. He's also not looking for a nasty public battle, and is hoping they can settle on a new figure over private discussions.

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Our sources say K-Fed feels that he has been very supportive of his ex-wife over the years -- during the lows and during the highs with the resurgence of her career -- and has always made it a priority to accommodate her schedule, even traveling to shows so she could see the kids.

Federline and his attorney actually went out to dinner Thursday at Koi restaurant in Hollywood, but would not give up any information on their strategy with Spears.

However, it was clear they had more to talk about than delicious sushi.


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