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Britney Spears Ordered to Pay Kevin Federline $100,000

By TheBlast Staff

Britney Spears has been ordered to cut her ex-husband Kevin Federline a check for $100,000 to cover his legal fees in their ongoing battle over a child support.

The two sides were in court earlier this month when a judge made the order. In addition, each side was ordered to pay $10,000 to a dispute resolution company.

Spears and Federline are due back in court in October.

As The Blast first reported, Federline put Spears on notice back in February that he wanted to re-examine their financial arrangements now that she’s making a ton of money.

The “Toxic” singer cuts a check for $20,000/month to Federline for their two sons, Jayden and Sean, which was based on a percentage of her income at the time the deal was hashed out.

We're told Britney's dad reached out to K-Fed to offer him another $10k/month in support, but he turned it down.

Spears claims the $20,000/month she pays K-Fed in child support is just the tip of the iceberg in what she pays for the kids. The “Toxic” singer says in addition, she pays for the kids’ private school, tutoring, all sports and extracurricular activities, clothing, electronics, computers, and phones.

Britney Spears says that since she and Federline currently have 50/50 custody and that the $20k figure has been paid on time, every month, and it represents plenty of money to take care of the kids. more than she should … so an increase is uncalled for.

In his opposition, K-Fed claims if the case goes on any longer, it will cause harm to the kids because they are starting school soon and he wants to get a house closer to school.

Since her amazing comeback in recent years, Britney Spears has earned a ton of dough, especially with her Las Vegas residency where she banked $475,000 per show. She’s reportedly made around $15 million per year from the gig.


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