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Every Time Britney Spears Has Shared Her Dance Skills on Instagram This Year

By TheBlast Staff

Britney Spears is showing off her dance skills once again, and we are living for more!!

The singer, who's displaying all sorts of sexy in her newest Instagram post, has declared she can't go a day without dancing. Showing off her toned legs, hard abs and rock solid booty in short shorts and a crop top she wrote, "I think it's impossible for me to go a day without dancing ??."

And that statement couldn't be more true!

Literally, Britney can't go a day without documenting some sort of dance moves at home or in the studio. And lucky for us, we've got the evidence to prove it!

With her backflip ... check out that landing!

Sometimes she drags BF Sam into the mix!

That flexibility though! ?

Twirling on carpet barefoot is hard, but Britney's fouettes aren't all bad.

Her workouts take serious balance, too.

Thank God for throwbacks!

Britney gives us life!

Yaaas, QUEEN!

Her twirling dress-up showcases are everything!!

And dancing gives her this rocking body, so we should all just quit our day jobs and become dancers, too.

Britney Spears

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