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Bradley Cooper's 'Silver Linings' Contract Barred Nudity ... Even if it Wasn't His Butt

By TheBlast Staff

Bradley Cooper’s movie contract shows he was VERY worried about his body: not only did he have a no nudity clause for himself and his body double, he got producers to pay for all his training and food supplements.

The actor's contract for the film "Silver Linings Playbook" was filed in The Weinstein Company’s bankruptcy case, which reveals the specifics of Cooper’s demands for the award-winning film.

The contract contains the usual contract provisions — including Cooper’s right to approve press interviews, first-class travel and hotel and bonuses for being nominated and/or winning a Golden Globe or Academy Award.

Cooper made sure his trailer on-set was with equipped with all first-class amenities and had a specific provision that said his trailer was to be "no less favorable than the trailer and amenities provided to any other cast member in connection with the Picture, other than" ... and then a name is redacted, but it is presumably either Robert De Niro or (more likely) Jennifer Lawrence.

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The actor was paid $200 per diem to cover his daily expenses and producers had to hire an assistant for five days a week and pay the costs.

The deal also states Cooper’s production company was to be paid a one-time fee to cover the costs of the actor’s nutrition, food supplements and training in connection with his preparation for the role.

In regard to the screenplay, Cooper was able to get the approval of any material changes made to the script that "materially diminished or altered the importance or the essential characteristics of his role."

If the director David O. Russell was replaced, Cooper had the chance to approve the new director and if Jennifer Lawrence had to be replaced, he would have to right to approve her replacement.

Cooper also made sure that his deal had a no-nudity clause, even specifically stating, “Artist shall not be required to appear, and may not be doubled in any scene, in the nude, or in any simulated sex scene without the express written consent of Artist.”

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