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Brad Pitt Dismisses Claims Angelina Jolie is Hurting for Money, She Made Millions On 'Maleficent 2'

By TheBlast Staff

Brad Pitt thinks it's laughable that Angelina Jolie and her team are floating a narrative that the star is in financial dire straits, especially considering she just cashed a huge check from Disney.

Sources very close to Pitt tell The Blast reports that Jolie is tight on cash and struggling to take care of the children while she has primary custody are "crazy."

We're told that Jolie was recently paid for her starring role in the upcoming Disney sequel, "Maleficent 2," which was reportedly north of $20 million. It's scheduled to come out in 2020.

Sources say that over the past decade Pitt has been the majority earner, but child and spousal support in California are based on current income, and nowadays the two stars aren't so different on their monthly earnings.

We're told the picture of a struggling single mother that Jolie's legal team is painting is just plain wrong -- the actress is extremely wealthy and can afford anything she needs for the children while they are in her care without any financial help.

Still, Pitt has chipped in over $1.3 million in living expenses for the six children while they're with Jolie, and he fronted $8 million so that she'd be able to purchase her own luxurious home in Los Angeles while the divorce was settled.

Unfortunately the fight has no signs of slowing down, as we're told the couple has not even started to get into the details of their financials for a final settlement.


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