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Brad Pitt Cut Back Spending Money On Angelina & the Kids After Custody War Started

By TheBlast Staff

Brad Pitt had been spending thousands of dollars on Angelina Jolie and his children's living expenses while the two hammered out their divorce, but after the fight over custody began, the funds suddenly started to dry up.

Sources close to Brangelina tell us Pitt did pay a big chunk of change to Jolie -- $8 million -- following the split. However, we're told it was not a typical "loan," as has been reported, but was actually just an advance on the eventual cash settlement she will be entitled to from the actor. Pitt made the payment so that his estranged wife could buy a new home with the kids, but we're told after the final settlement is hashed out the $8 million will factor into the numbers.

Pitt claims he's already paid around $1.3 million in support to Jolie for living expenses and support of the kids, but sources close to the actress are adamant it is not considered child support. He was sending money to pay for security and private jets for travel, but because it's not court ordered support it may not factor into the retroactive payments Jolie is seeking for the past year and a half.

We're told the short-term financial arrangement between the two was working out just fine, but after Pitt accused Jolie of trying to sabotage his relationship with their children by preventing custody time, we are told he cut back on some payments.

It's an interesting situation, considering the more custody Angelina has with the children the more Brad may end up owing in child support. In CA, the monthly payment is determined partly by how much time each parent has and partly by how much they earn.

Since the split, Jolie has been on the hook for providing most of the daily support for the 6 children, including food and private tutors.

Sources close to the divorce case tell us the two stars have "barely scratched the surface on their financials,"and are anticipating a long road of any final payments and settlement stipulations.

As we reported, Jolie is also planning a palimony lawsuit to collect more money than she would normally be entitled to given the actual length of the marriage.

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