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Brad Pitt Comes in for a Landing While Filming 'Ad Astra'

By TheBlast Staff

Brad Pitt was bravely gliding through space on an interstellar mission into the great unknown ... even though it looked like he was just hanging off the side of the freeway.

Pitt was in Los Angeles Thursday shooting scenes for his new flick, "Ad Astra," a sci-fi thriller which follows Pitt's character as he embarks on a one-way mission to the planet Neptune in search of alien life.

Pitt was in full astronaut getup with an "Advanced Extrasolar Relay Center" patch on. He was attached to a parachute and wires that whipped him back and forth during what should be a pretty cool action sequence. Also worth noting, Pitt's doing his own stunt.

Tom Cruise, eat your heart out.

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