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'Black Panther' Stuntman Tony Todd Confronted By Woman's Racist Tirade at L.A. Domino's Pizza

By TheBlast Staff

Actor Tony Todd was left shaken after a woman unleashed a torrent of hateful barbs regarding his race, and even though he realizes the woman may have a mental illness, he doesn't feel the issue should be ignored.

Todd, who recently did stunt work in Marvel's "Black Panther," and is best friends with Charlie Sheen, was eating at a Domino's Store in Los Angeles recently when he says a woman came in the store with a shopping cart and antagonized him about where he was sitting. Todd tells us she hurled the "N-word" at him, and he took out his phone and began recording the situation.

Watching the video, it appears the woman may be dealing with a mental illness, but Todd believes there were other factors at play. "Mental illness does not justify discrimination," Todd tells us, adding, "The person spewing such hatred is most likely aware of what they are saying."

In the video, the employees appear to try and defuse the situation before the woman leaves the store.

Todd admits the restaurant was in an area with some transients, but believes Domino's should have taken preemptive measures to ensure the safety of all its customers.

He claims he's not harboring anger over the incident, but says it was just a "shocking" situation, and tells us "Nobody in Los Angeles has ever spoken to me that way."

He wanted to show the video to hopefully spread his larger message, that "No one is above common courtesy or respect, but unfortunately we live in a society where this still exists."

Todd says he wishes there was "More love in the world," adding "like Lenny Kravitz said. Let love rule."

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