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Bill Murray 'Acted Like a Barbarian,' Says Carly Simon's Brother After Altercation

By TheBlast Staff


2:30 PM — The Blast spoke with Simon who tells us while he doesn't see the point in pressing charges against Bill Murray, he thinks the actor "acted like a barbarian" and believes the misunderstanding could've been cleared up in a more polite, non-physical manner.

Simon added while Murray did not appear in a single photograph he took that night, he considered approaching him after that first altercation to sort it out, but ultimately decided it would be best to drop it. Shortly after, Simon says Murray elbowed him from behind and poured water on him in an apparent attempt to ruin his camera.

Simon chose not to press charges, explaining "I wasn't hurt, what the point? I would rather let it pass and I just hope he learns love and peace. I don't expect an apology but it would be nice to get one."

As for getting banned from the restaurant for the next year, Simon says he's surprised the restaurant did not support a local member of the community over a Hollywood celeb. He also told us his magazine is no longer running a piece on the event.

Bill Murray had a physical altercation with a photographer — who just so happened to be the brother of singer Carly Simon — that ended with police being called to the scene.

Murray allegedly grabbed photographer Peter Simon from behind, turned him around and slammed him up against the door and threatened to throw him out of a restaurant in Martha's Vineyard.

Simon told the Boston Globe he was on assignment for The Martha's Vineyard Times on Wednesday night and was photographing the band and patrons of Lola's for a weekly feature. Simon says he stepped outside Lola's to review his photos when the alleged altercation occurred.

According to the police report, Murray seemed "visibly upset" about the incident and gave officers a different account of what went down

"He told us that Simon was taking pictures of him and harassing him while he was quietly minding his business," the report reads.

Simon told Oak Bluffs police the actor was irate over him taking photos and after the incident outside, Murray grabbed him and poured a drink on his shirt.

However, the restaurant owner seemed to back up Bill Murray's account, telling cops Simon had "no business photographing anyone in the restaurant and was generally annoying." The owner suggested Simon was there specifically to photograph Murray and plans on officially requesting a no-trespass order on Simon.

Before leaving Lola's at the owner's request, Simon told officers he was uninjured and just wanted an apology from Murray.

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