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See Inside Bill Cosby's Brand New Maximum Security Prison: Pudding & Stationary

By TheBlast Staff

Bill Cosby will be treated just like any other inmate during his prison sentence, but for now he gets to spend his time at a beautiful new facility that just opened its cells for business!

The SCI Phoenix is a $400 million facility that went into operations this past July and has room for over 3,000 inmates. The facility also houses a barbershop, gym, library and a "mural arts program."

Many rehabilitation programs are offered, including "sex offender treatment" and "victim awareness." For his prison job, he'll get a shot at participating in the prison shoe factory, garment factory or laundry department.

As we first reported, Cosby was served vanilla pudding for dessert on his first night in jail, and he'll be in luck, because vanilla pudding 4-packs are available on the prison commissary list. He can also get single packs of pre-cooked bacon -- we don't know if Cosby enjoys bacon but that just sounded like a pretty cool item.

He'll be able to purchase a 15" television, but unfortunately he won't get to smoke any of his beloved cigars because SCI Phoenix is a tobacco-free facility.

There's also a big stationary list that he can choose from including "sympathy" cards, y'know, in case he feels the urge to write out some apology letters.

The funniest thing on the list: tearless shampoo -- because there are definitely tears in prison.

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