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Bill Cosby's Team Rips 'White Elitist' Senator Lindsey Graham for Name Drop During Kavanaugh Hearing

By TheBlast Staff

Senator Lindsey Graham stole the show at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh when he delivered a passionate speech in defense of the judge, but not everyone was impressed, including Bill Cosby.

In case you missed it, Republican Senator Graham called the inquisition on Kavanaugh a "sham" and claimed, "This is going to destroy the ability of good people to come forward, because of this crap."

He then directed at Kavanaugh and exclaimed, "You’re suppose to be Bill Cosby when you’re a junior and senior in high school and then, all of a sudden, you got over it?!"

The Blast spoke with Andrew Wyatt, attorney for Cosby, who said, "For Senator Lindsey Graham to say that Brett Kavanaugh is 'not' Bill Cosby, proved that his comments are asinine and ridiculous."

Wyatt says Graham's comment, "Shows that the political system and the judicial system in America is truly Black and White," adding, "Kavanaugh has been allegedly accused by women from 30 years ago, the same as Bill Cosby, but the White Elitist like Senator Graham, paints an exuberant picture."

Cosby's lawyer doesn't pull punches, and says the treatment of Kavanaugh by many of the senators proves "White is Innocent but Black is always Guilty. #The60sAreThe21stCentury."

On Friday, Kavanaugh advanced from the committee with an 11-8 vote and is still on his way to potentially becoming a Supreme Court judge. Cosby, however, is currently an inmate at SCI Phoenix facing 3 -10.

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