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Bill Clinton's Brother Surrendered to Authorities, Spent Hours in Jail for DUI Case

By TheBlast Staff

Bill Clinton's brother just spent some time behind bars in connection with his DUI case, but lucky for him it was only a few hours.

61-year-old Roger Clinton surrendered to authorities January 24 in Torrance, CA. He was released later that same day.

The younger brother of Bill Clinton was arrested for DUI in Redondo Beach on June 5, 2016. He eventually plead no-contest to one charge of driving while impaired, and sentenced to 3 years probation, a $390 fine, participate in a diversion program and also serve 48 hours in jail. His arrest made headlines partly because it was right in the middle of his sister-in-law Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Clinton had until January 24 to turn himself in to serve his 48 hours. He had the choice of surrendering to a city jail, where he would probably spend the full two days, or a county jail, where he had a good chance of being released in a few hours due to overcrowding.

He chose wisely.

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