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Big3 Claps Back at Champions League: 'Your League is a Ponzi Scheme'

By TheBlast Staff

Big3 basketball is going H.A.M. on The Champions Basketball League, accusing them of being a Ponzi scheme and demanding their ongoing lawsuit be tossed out.

Here's the quick backstory: The Champions Basketball League sued Ice Cube's Big3 basketball league back in September accusing them of preventing from playing games the CBL and hindering it from starting up.

They claimed that the CBL's CEO, Carl George, was working with Big3 to coordinate schedules around some of the same retired NBA players they were both using, but Big3 went back on their deal and launched early.

Big3, who is repped by Geragos & Geragos, is now responding, saying the CBL has not played a single game since their announcement in 2014, and after allegedly raising $6.6 million in funding. Interestingly, in the documents Big3 claims that CBL has been saying they have celebs investors like Tom Brady.

Big3 says instead of CBL dealing with their own issues, Carl George "has reacted erratically when confronted by victims of his fraud when they realized the so-called league was in fact nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. Mr. George’s solution has been to serially sue the competition and heap blame and litigation on them.”

The Blast

They also say any "deal" the leagues had about sharing players is a complete fabrication, and "As a matter of common sense, it defies logic that something like this would take place on a single phone call with no writing or e-mail to memorialize the conversation."

Ice Cube's league is basically saying, "Sorry bro, but this sounds like a YOU problem."

They want the lawsuit dismissed immediately.

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