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Big Bear Bald Eagle Egg Hatches … It’s an Eagle!

Well it seems the Easter Bunny’s eggs may not be the talk of the town this April, because everyone’s favorite pair of bald eagles welcomed their first chick.

In case you haven’t been following along, a camera has been live streaming an eagle’s nest in Big Bear Lake, CA and two eggs were laid back in March.

The eagles have been named Jackie and Shadow by fans, and thousands have been glued to their livestreams waiting for the eggs to hatch.

Saturday afternoon, one of the eggs began to crack while the baby chick inside began to pry their way out. As of Sunday morning, the newcomer to the nest could be seen squirming around and letting out little chirps.

As we reported, the area is getting plenty of protection during this time, as officials don’t want to scare the eagles off from the nest or jeopardize the chicks in any way.

The next egg should hatch shortly, as they were laid days apart.

Considering the birdies Tiger Woods is racking up at The Masters this weekend, if he wins the tournament our new chick may have to just be called Tiger.