Beyoncé Cruised the Diaper Aisle at Target Like a BOSS

When they say everyone loves Target, they mean it … including one of their biggest customers, Beyoncé!

The “Everything is Love” singer was spotted looking fab at a Target in Los Angeles on Monday. Queen Bey is known for her Target runs, but yesterday she was seen in the baby aisle … most likely for her 1½-year-old twins Rumi and Sir.

Twitter: @BeyLegion

Wearing a peach jumpsuit with her hair flowing, Beyoncé was just a regular mom walking amongst diapers and Pedialyte. Unlike a regular mom though, she’s not pushing her own cart with kids in tow … she’s got security for that!

Monday was also Blue Ivy’s 7th birthday, so it’s possible she may have been picking up a gift for her oldest too, because nobody leaves Target without spending a small fortune.

Blue Ivy, Rumi, Sir, twins, kids