Beyoncé Rescued from Malfunctioning Flying Stage in Poland

How many polish stagehands does it take to save Beyoncé from a broken down stage?

Seriously though, a crew of workers grabbed a ladder and rushed to the stage after Beyoncé found herself stranded above the crowd in Warsaw.

Bey and Jay-Z were performing at the National Stadium in Poland when their flying stage stopped working towards the end of the show.  Workers rushed over and quickly devised a plan to get her down with a ladder, but Beyoncé was apparently reluctant to climb down.

With some encouragement from the crowd, Bey first busted out a dance move and then decided to use the ladder. Of course, as she cautiously made her way down, a crowd of people gathered at the bottom ready to receive the star.

Luckily she made it down unscathed and closed out the show like a true pro.