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Beyoncé to Settle Lawsuit Over Feyonce Clothing Line

By TheBlast Staff

Beyoncé is close to settling the legal battle she brought against two Texas business owners who've been selling clothing under the name Feyonce.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Beyoncé is requesting a hearing scheduled for November 1 to be adjourned.

The singer explains, “The parties have met and conferred regarding settlement and are currently involved in advanced negotiations that the parties anticipate will resolve this matter shortly."

Beyoncé says she does not expect the case with the owners of Feyonce to go to trial after all.

The settlement talks come just weeks after a federal judge shut down the pop superstar by denying her motion for an injunction against Feyonce, in the case that has dragged on for years.

The judge wrote, "A rational jury might or might not conclude that the pun here is sufficient to dispel any confusion among the purchasing public. Many purchasers of Feyonce products are, in fact, engaged, just as many Mike product purchasers were named Mike. Viewed in the light most favorable to defendants, this evidence suggests that consumers are understanding the pun, rather than confusing the brands."

Back in 2016, the singer sued the Texas-based company, accusing them of illegally profiting off her name and trademark and confusing her fans into thinking she endorsed their products.

Beyoncé said the company was capitalizing on the notoriety of her song by hawking merchandise online with lyrics like, “Put a ring on it."

The pop star demanded Feyonce be hit with an injunction ordering them to cease selling their products and turn over all the profits they made.

The owners of Feyonce responded by claiming the pop superstar was using her fame to bully them. Andre Maurice and Leana Lopez argued the singer had no evidence to prove they infringed on her copyrights or that she suffered any damages due to their store.

Feyonce says they are a T-shirt company that targets couples who are engaged. They say their website has no mention of Beyoncé nor did it have pictures of her. As for why they named their company Feyonce, they say, “When a woman or man is engaged they refer to themselves as a Feyonce, pronounced as fiancé."

The two sides will inform the court as to their official next move by November 15.

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